What is the idea of Twitter? Why should anyone use it ?

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What is the idea of Twitter? Why should anyone use it ?

What is the idea of Twitter?

Unlike other Social media platforms, Twitter it’s a lot more about text, and short bursts of creativity.

If something happens or you just thought something you want to share you can post it on Twitter.

Of course, you can do that on Facebook too… But Facebook has a really complex algorithm that only shows your updates to other people sorted by relevance and how close you both are,

Twitter has a chronological timeline where you can watch everything posted by the people you follow, no matter how far away they are, if they are not close friends. Instagram used to work this way too.

Facebook is not so good to get news for the same reason, it hides news and shows them according to their popularity in your inner social circle.

Example: if your friends are all republican you are more likely to get republican news in your Facebook TL, and if your friends are all Justin Bieber’s fans you’ll get a lot of that too.

In Twitter you can choose what you want to follow, and it’s better for deciding what to read by only reading 240 headlines and following the information sources you want.

Also I think Twitter is better for meeting interesting people. On Instagram they can fake a picture so everyone thinks they’re hot but they can’t fake their way of thinking or hide their ignorance (in Twitter).

Why do people use Twitter at all?

Is twitter worth it?

Wow, there are several reasons why I choose Twitter over other social networks.

  1. I like to read and to write: I’ve found that people who don’t like to read or write don’t like Twitter either.
    I’m not a “friendly” person: I work a lot and I care more about my own interests that what are my family or people from my past doing (which is the focus of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook). On Twitter I follow a lot of things, brands and professionals I consider interesting.
  2. No censorship: I post anything I think, anything I want to say, I can talk about politics, sex, drugs, racism, whatever. I can also follow whatever I want on Twitter. Most of my family and friends don’t use Twitter it’s like something more exclusive and private too.(btw There’s a lot of people who watch porn on Twitter)
  3. I like to be updated: I’m an early adopter, I’m a professional I need to know what’s happening before anybody else it because it might be a competitive advantage. Twitter is faster than Facebook when it comes to spreading news.
  4. Twitter is much more about what I think and what I like than how I look: And it applies to people I follow too. Of course I think people might consider me attractive if I post photos of myself everyday but I’m not interested in anybody watching me but my wife. I work a lot and don’t go out much so taking pictures of places or something else wouldn’t work for me either.
  5. I invested time in the platform: I started with Twitter on 2010, now I have 20K followers. I’m not just leaving it after all this time.
  6. Full Entertainment: I know there are people who like Twitter just for Entertainment in that aspect I find it equal to any other social network, I see the same content, the same jokes and the same videos on all social networks. And even better since they are not censored at all…
  7. You can post Links: Instagram and Snapchat don’t have the option to add links to your website so you can’t use them to get traffic (that sucks ). If you’re a marketer, a writer or a news channel you want people to visit your site!!!! On Twitter you can posts as many links as you wish.

So well that’s my opinion on Twitter. If you have more twitter-related questions hit me up on @ericson_ds or leave a comment below!

Ericson A Da Silva
Ericson A Da Silva
Gammer del Marketing - Vida, Dinero, Amor todo es un Juego en HD- Libertario -miembro de Hackers and Founders #Maracay #Venezuela Co-Fundador de www.vissonar.com
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