Be it a marketing campaign, a book, or even a proposal you have to go above standard. You need to acquire the tricks and craft that will make you a wordsmith that can bring out head turning content from any topic. This does not question the fact that writing is a gift, no, it means that the necessary qualities to make one an excellent writer can now be learned. Many skills needed to make you a good copywriter are skills you have to cultivate on your own. However, you can learn some basic skills. These skills will serve as the foundation on which you will build the more advanced and self-acquired. Are you a budding brand that will rather settle for developing his/her blog using WordPress development as against employing the services of an SEO agency? Then this article is for you. This article will equip you with adequate information on how to improve your copywriting skills as well as give your insight on how to develop the advanced skills needed to make you a stunning writer.

Below are some of the essentials of copywriting you need to know about.

Focus on the Customer

If there is a reason I as a person am going through a write up then it is because I believe it has something that I can benefit from. I am likely to lose interest in it if I discover that the entire article is saying is what it can offer rather than what I can benefit. This may sound very strange and confusing but it is actually simple. Instead of telling me that this phone has night vision, tell me that this phone will enable me take clear pictures in the dark without the use of any night source. Instead of telling me that this laptop has an internal storage of one terabyte, tell me that the laptop can store one thousand and fifteen movies. By focusing on your customers as well as what they stand to benefit, you have sold your business, goods or services halfway.

Focus on your Unique Selling Point

This is another very important aspect of copywriting if you want to have the desired effect on your audience. Always ensure to add to the content of your write up the feature that makes your brand or business stand out. It could be a discount, a value added service, a promotional offer and many more. Instead of the usual services, enforce your business by saying “the only mail service that delivers mails after working hours and on Sunday”. As long as it is of benefit to your audience, it will surely cause heads to turn.

Your Headline is Your Net

Yes! Your headline is your net and as such, it should be catchy. Your headline should be one that draws the attention of people to your content. It is what people see and as such, it should stand out. It is also very important that your headline should be in line with your content. Having a catchy headline without a matching or equally creative content is as good as having a beautiful wine bottle with a not too good wine or a brand different from what is labelled on the bottle.

Never Forget Your Call to Action

This is very important for your business, especially if you are an up and coming brand. do not just tell people about your business, goods or services without giving them that extra push to purchase it or subscribe to it. You can even give them some description on how to get it. For example, you can say “grab your bottle of our apple juice packed with the essential nutrients to make you grow from all supermarkets nationwide for £15”.

Be Unique and Creative

This could make the difference between stunning and standard or average. To enable you develop these qualities, start by developing your own style. This will serve as a guideline and foundation upon which you will build your writing signature that will mark your contents out. Your style can be amusing, professional and so on. The important thing is that it is your style. It is when you have built your style that you can now start diversifying it to suit the content you are writing on.



Junaid Ali Qureshi is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Progostech,, eLabelz, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig.